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Fairview Equity Partners is a boutique Australian fund manager exclusively focused upon investing in Australian small companies equities.


The Fairview Equity Partners Emerging Companies Fund is managed by Michael Glenane, Leo Barry and Tim Hall. The investment team collectively has in excess of 70 years investment experience in funds management and investment research.


Fairview is majority owned by its investment team, with the Insignia Financial Group holding a minority interest. This strengthens the alignment of interests of the investment team and their aim to maximise returns for investors.


Our philosophy

This is based on the belief that the smaller companies segment of the market provides the greatest opportunities for identifying mispriced securities.


Our investment team

The team collectively has over seven decades of investment experience, specialising in funds management and investment research.


Our investment process

Our highly collaborative approach to investing revolves around a robust investment process which seeks to fully utilise the extensive experience and resources of our investment team.